Malibu Roadster Run - The 5th Event

August 5, 2000

Well, I think I have the numbering right. I believe this was Run Number 5. It must have the best one yet though, because if they had any more fun on Runs 1-3, that I missed, then we had on this one, they should all be arrested for having waaay tooo much fun. No one that I am aware of got a ticket, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

As Robert expected we had at least 3 Audi TT Quattro Roadsters, a couple of TT coupes, Couple of M Coupes, A Dozen or so Z-3's (half M's), and probably 15 Boxsters (half S's). There may be an official count somewhere.

Morning Inspection - 9:00 - 10:00

Some faces were familier, some were not, but all were welcome.

After the social hour, one group photo, in case we needed to post an APB later.
Robert - The Malibu Run's Fearless Leader, but if anyone in a uniform asks, he's not REALLY the leader.

Here he is, man and machine.

Funny though, he sure looks like the leader.
Two, keep at least 2 wheels on the road at all times. It's only 200ft down the cliff to the rocks, and as long as you keep two wheels on the road, Traction Control will save you. Uhh Hunh? O.K. Sounds good to me.
Roadsters as far as you can see. It may look crowded when we created our own traffic jam, but on other parts of the run we practiced 4 wheel slides, turn, after turn, after turn. I lost count of how many 15 MPH signs went by at 45, or???, Well, I'm not saying.
Rest Stop Number one.
We weren't the only ones showing off on Mulholland Hwy.
Lunch Time - Neptune's Net - Hurry up and wait.
Rest Stop Number Two. Starting with the President of the So. Calif. TT owners club, and a friend, who joined us all the way from San Diego.
And , of course, a Special Thank You to the RokBxtr and Porsche. Never failed me, no problems, no leaks, no vibrations. Everything works. Made me feel like a pro at wild and crazy speeds, when, at my skill level, I probably should have been off in the ditch.
Well, A Good Time was had by All. There are no photos from the heart of the run. To do so would have launched me into a giant boulder or off of a cliff (Now, THAT would have made a great photo, of course, Thelma and Louise have already done it, so it wouldn't be an original idea.). If you really want to experience what the Malibu Roadster Rebellion Run is, you've got to be there.


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