Well, that was the trip that we had. We looked for Whitewater and found trout, and the trout led us to barbecued ribs, and no roads lead to vegetables. National and state parks grace our path frequently, unabashedly exposing magnificent natural wonders. Crossing the Mississippi River almost daily, watching the sky grow wider as we drove west, we sampled the flavors of the South. Sorghum and gumbo, cornbread, grits and hushpuppies.

The most remote and impoverished areas have the strongest churches and the most beautiful music. Gospel and blues, country and Dixieland live here.

Another trail we have found all through the trip is the marches of Martin Luther King. From Selma, where he led a march for Voting Rights, the National Voting Rights Museum, a tiny place, struggling to pay rent in what was once the "White Citizen's League", along route 51 through Senatobia, Mississippi where he marched in honor of another slain Civil Rights leader, to the National Civil Rights Museum, a fancy structure in what was the Lorraine Motel (a motel for blacks only) where he was murdered.

There are racists here, but it seems wherever you find outright racists, you also find great civil rights leaders. The South is a center for change, almost completely against it's will. It was only 30 years ago that black people in America had no right to choose where to eat, to go to school, to vote, to ride the bus. This week, Ron Brown, the United States' Secretary of Commerce, a Black American, was killed in Dubrovnik and as our nation mourns its loss, it is still clear to see our progress. It is also clear how far we still have to travel.

On that note, I am going to take "On the Road In America" to the television, because there's a LOT more on the video we shot than I can put up on this page. If you want to see the show, please write me or your favorite station and say you want to see Waycool On the Road in America on the air in YOUR town! Thanks for traveling with us...see YOU On the Road! :)