March 10- Sunday in Jackson, Mississippi

its very civilized in Jackson, and the weather is beginning to warm up. The night clerk at our bed and breakfast has made arrangements for us to visit his church to hear gospel music. We arrive late and without breakfast as we have been left to oversleep, they forgot to wake us, but we arrived in time to see the choir. What a sight to see and sound to hear! If you like gospel in the movies (Blues Brothers etc.) you would love it at the Jackson Revival Center. We were happily surprised to see that there were no black people and no white people in that church. There were just people, singing and enjoying life and each others goodwill. They said things like "Other people have fun, WE have JOY". And they do. What's more, they share it with anyone and everyone who wants it. Do I sound giddy? Well hey, this was a beautiful thing and we were fortunate to be invited. Pastor Biard and the congregation invite all to come and enjoy the fellowship of people who just want to do good things and celebrate life. Please go visit the Church, and tell them the folks from "On the Road in America" sent you.

I promise you a sound file...stay tuned

March 96 Trip