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March 16-Up at 530am to find the herd of elk the family from the restaurant the night before had told us about and there they were, just like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Grazing in a pasture, butting horns and just generally hanging out and looking beautiful. As the fog was turning to mist and then dissipating over the rising mountains we drove onward to Lost Valley, and a 3 mile walk straight through the woods to marvelous caves and waterfalls. People were camping and canoeing and horseback riding and just generally enjoying this fabulous national park. Back in Jasper we ate breakfast at the Ozark CafŽ where all the food was fantastic (even homemade pies)...and well deserved! Even as we left, our new friends were telling us about all the amazing sights we had left unseen. Jasper is a terrific place, we are both trying to figure out how to have an excuse to return there and stay for a while. The sun was at our backs as we headed to Mountain View, crossing bridges and passing through charming towns and houses selling crafts. It was kind of disappointing to see how touristy Mountain View center was, so we kept on driving. Tonight we sleep at Jack's Fishing Resort, where dinner is the motivation to catch your own, (I think) and there are no telephones, but tomorrow morning I will learn to fish. Out my door is a big porch and rocking chairs looking out on a river full of fishing boats just waiting for the sun to rise and the fishermen and women to cast their lines. Time for me to go to bed!

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