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March 17- Gone fishin'...I mean REALLY! I never fished with a rod and reel on a river in my life and here I am in Arkansas on the White River, fishing with one of the best guides anywhere, Earl Brown. Jack's Fishing Resort in Mountain View has been a more relaxing experience than any chi chi spa I have ever visited. I woke up at eight with the sun shining on the river out my window. I didn't have time to sit in the rocking chair on the porch and take in the reflection of the light on the water because we were meeting our guide right away. We got out on the river and he showed me how to cast. It took a couple tries, but that's all, and right away I had a trout hooked. It was pretty much that way all day. Earl would run us around to some places on the river in this little boat, we'd bait our hooks and cast, grab some fishies and then we'd be off somewhere else. I love the way the rod feels, and the sound of the line flying out over the water and the satisfying "plop" when the hook hits the water. Just sitting there waiting, my eyes would wander around the sky, then to the mountains, through the woods, distracted by a blue crane I'd almost forget the rod in my hand until a fish would remind me what I was doing and then I'd reel him in and Earl would catch him in a net and remove the hook. Then we'd start all over again. Before we knew it our day was done and now I have to go get some lemon and butter to cook up our dinner! Best St.Patty's day of my life..
March 96 Trip

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