March 18- We had to leave Mountain View but we couldn't hurry. It was the first decent sleep we'd had since the trip began and Earl and Jack were seeing us off and suggesting which kind of rods to buy and just generally being cool. I could have stayed there forever. Sunday was so wonderful and today was a good day to get back on the road and do some laundry, it was cold as heck and rainy and snowy and just generally yuck. It didn't take long to shatter my serenity. They weren't going to deliver my package after all, I'd have to drive to Springdale to get it and yes, they will still charge me full price... We realized too late that we wouldn't make it to Springdale in time so as we saw the odometer flip from 999 to 000 (again), we just found a place to crash in Branson. We got in at 830pm and the whole town was closed.

March 96 Trip