March 19- Even though Arkansas continues to get prettier and prettier each day, I felt it was time for a new state. I didn't really expect Oklahoma to look much different, but it did. Just after we crossed the border into Oklahoma, the mountains flattened out and the sky grew wide and full of puffy multicolored clouds. We turned north immediately, heading for the Kansas border. The sun punched a hole through one patch of clouds, it looked like a shot from an old MGM bible story picture, like there should have been a chorus of angels singing "Hallelujah". Apparently, Oklahoma does understand what vegetables are, which is a big relief. Charlie's Fried Chicken was good, fried, but lightly and with a nice taste and the food was REAL, not from some big tin good until the year 3000. There was zucchini and cauliflower and broccoli and lettuce. This may sound strange but after begging for ANYTHING green for 2 weeks, it was like finding the promised land. So I booked a hotel on a lake as I have done as often as possible. In Little Rock, the "Riverfront Hilton" is several blocks from the river and expensive and kind of dank, so I didn't expect much from this remote section of Oklahoma. Surprise again, this place is INCREDIBLE. It has a marina, a bowling alley, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, waterfalls, a hundred golf carts, condos, we are right on a lake, the restaurant is elegant, golf pros, tennis pros, fishing guides..I am amazed and since it's off season , we pay very little for it. If it wasn't bitter cold ...and I mean it is SO COLD, I'd really be in heaven. They even have horse and buggy rides! I really should be sleeping so I better end it here.

March 96 Trip