The trip begins March 5 in Montgomery, Alabama. We plan to visit the Dexter Avenue Church where Martin Luther King began his non-violent preaching. I hope we find some gospel music. We'll see the first "White House of the Confederacy", next door to the capitol, the National Civil Rights Memorial and perhaps stop by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC nearly single-handedly bankrupted the Neo-Nazi KKK movement in the USA.

We'll go to Selma, to the Woolworth's where American people of color refused to leave the "whites only" section., and where the 4 day "March to Montgomery" began.

We'll go to Louisiana, in search of the Delta Blues Museum.

I want to find Whitewater, in Arkansas. What ever happened to the development? Arkansas may be filled with unrevealed treasures, like the sweet, soft night air I remember from the night I drove through Arkansas without stopping. This time, we're going to drive through the Ozarks and national forests, and dig for diamonds near Hope. (You remember Hope, where Clinton was born?) We'll find folk music in the hill country.

The plan is to then head to Memphis, I know a good place to get some Bar-Be-Que just outside of town...:)

March 96 Trip