Emmy Gets Supersprint Exhaust
Thanks JohnB!
updated May 18/2004
Viewing these mpegs and .wavs will probably make you upgrade your exhaust

Big download
JohnB- first car, Straight Round
Bryan- second car, DTM
Me- third car, without
19.6mgs mpeg

This is why I bought my Supersprint. The first three cars are all 97 2.8s, but the first two ROAR and my car just kinda goes "phhhft".
Then I got my Supersprint and did some roaring of my own:
Supersprint at the Ashokan
(Emmy, Outside)
Roberstercam at the Ashokan
(Emmy, Inside)

Supersprint Inside and Out
~ 9.35 mgs mpeg
The Baba's BORLA '97 2.8 ~ Little Hans' wav file
Thank you JonT, Robert MZ3.net and Robster Boxster for shooting the videos!
Thanks y'all... here's some pics... (archive)

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Esmerelda, Borg Queen

Steve Borsse- yeah baby, I got the trinity ;) ... I thought only get more hp if you add the "Type R" sticker... What can I tell you about the position?
Ya know, what you say feels true. That is all I can tell.

The Other Tom- I think that is right too! Supersprint propulsion...


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Emmy says "VROOOM" in Supersprintian... (archive)

Posted by Rachel on September 25, 2000 at 20:00:47:

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WARNING: Viewing this mpeg (along with mpeg #3 from the HC Y2k pics) may cause you to go out and upgrade your exhaust. Author takes no responsibility for any monetary damages you may incur as a result of viewing these MPEGS.

I'm workin on the video from this weekends Adirondacks Best Roads Run ... and I couldn't wait to post this little bit...

There's this reservoir... and at one point there's these two concrete walls on either side... makes for nice acoustics....

Another thing about this little clip...
I could not have done it without my Z3 friends .

Thanks to-
JohnB for telling me about the holy trinity of upgrades, and nudging me to do it, letting me try to follow him down the Dragon

Carter Lee for building EmmySimII- who has more toys inside than I can even find, including video capture- and at this point, my usual computer is FULL and ES2
has like 30 GBs left...

Michael W for loading new video editing software into ES2

DaveT for being the only person to keep up with me

Robster (yes, I met a Boxster owner through this Z3 group) who was kind enough to shoot it, and also to sit with me for another run which I will also upload :) )

I am sure I am forgetting someone, but you get the idea...

anyway, I hope you like...

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