Traffic Pro-model 4773 notes: updated June 28,2007

  • Basic differences for BMW (and other Marques by inference) owners:
    • Red/Amber faces imperfect matches for interior (See FAQ)
    • BMW I BUS CD Changer will not work
      • BECKER 7860 - 6-CD Changer can be used with Traffic Pro 4773 but comes up at CD1 with start everytime *except with version 2 software
      • Becker CDC 3 works better
    • BMW Steering wheel volume controls will not work
    • BMW Diversity Antennas will not work
    • You can buy the BMW "face" but it will not say "BMW" on startup
    • 4773 has Sub-Output
    • Traffic Pro "compatible" aftermarket items are made to work with the 4773 and may not work with the 4771 (See Compatibility information)
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