Version 2 map CD notes:
Retail is $285

As a Traffic Pro Beta tester I made a lot of suggestions for improvements. Some they incorporated and some they did not.
They did not include: telling you if your destination would be on the left or the right.
They did include:
announcement of Interstates by name

I also asked them to allow us to select a bridge or tunnel for access to a city like NYC- so if you are headed into the city and hear on the radio that the Lincoln Tunnel is backed up, you could ask Traffic pro to route you via the Holland or the George Washington Bridge, or suggest an alternate route. It's not mentioned in these reports so I don’t know if they instituted it, they did like the suggestion.

I think Jared wrote a really good assessment. After reading it I decided not to buy the new software. If you have more notes about the map software, please write to me: rachel (at), or post to the Traffic Pro Users list.

If you are using Traffic Pro in Canada, you must use Version 2 software.
Posted by TS on 3/29/2005, 6:08 am, in reply to "how do i enter a canadian
1-press the NAV button unitl destination is displayed
2-select destination. This will display the last country, and town you input
as well as a road or center option for the town.
3- to change the country from US to Canada, select the country (in this case
US) and press enter. Display will now read US and Canada.
4-Select Canada and press OK. You're now in Canada
Miles to Metric:
From the destination screen, press the NAV button.
Scroll to "Measuring Unit" press ok
Select "metric" press ok
Version 2 NAV software deletes "PORSCHE" display
Posted by Scott on 3/13/2005, 5:12 pm
Just loaded new NAV software CD (V 2) and now unit displays "BECKER"
instead of "PORSCHE" on start up. How do I revert back to "PORSCHE"?
Posted by TS on 3/14/2005, 5:48 am, in reply to "Porsche Traffic Pro"
Cannot go back to Porsche display with version 2. Version 2 works well with
the Porsche unit, but is a Harman/Becker release. Unit will read Becker.
Posted by Jared in Charlotte on 11/18/2004, 8:11 am on the Becker Board:, in reply to "anyone install upgrade?"Some comments beyond what's been published so far...
The CD case is labeled with instructions to erase all your recent and saved
destinations. Presumably, this is to free up RAM for the firmware install.
The label is small however and could be overlooked.
The install occurs in two parts. During the first part of the install, the
backlight came on exceptionally bright. So much so that the visibility of
the small buttons was much improved but the LCD was too bright. However
after install, it reverted to the previous dim settings. I don't know if the
LCD backlighting is decoupled from the button backlighting or not. I would
think it is and the button backlighting should be correctable in firmware.
After the first part of the install, the unit turned itself off. I waited a
minute, turned it on, then noticed it was performing a different install.
The spoken word for interstates is very helpful. I'm not sure if it speaks
route numbers. It would be nice if it spoke exit numbers. There are some new
phrases and some of the old phrases have changed. The exhaustive German
vocal database of 6 voices is gone, presumably to increase storage space.
I still wish the unit would state if your destination was on the left or on
the right (based on street numbers) when you arrived at your destination.
This would be helpful in the city.
Fast route programming appears to have changed. It's no longer exclusively
interstates. I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not as I used the
short route to find back roads and fast route to keep me on the main
If you are off road, the compass arrow points to the nearest known road,
instead of the direction of your destination. I'm not sure this is an
It's still too early to tell about POI info. I think there are more entries
now, but some entries that have been long out of business are still in the
The map info appears to be at least 18 months out of date. This is in
regards to major interstates/bypasses, and what's regarded as the second
most popular tourist attraction in NC. I'm still playing with it though.
Also noted by new map software users:
-the bug in the 7860 CD changer that always plays the first track should be fixed
-there is a clock and a compass added to the display
-the ability to reverse the light scheme is enabled in units that have the diversity antenna (it's already enabled in the older 4771 units),
-it is possible the copyright protection is causing more problems on the new version using copied CDs.

Ron Stygar writes:

software update, ver. 2/.0

Major improvement from version 1.0. Instead of two streets in Marlborough, MA, it now has  most, including mine. It even has Dad's on it.
Lot of neat changes like the neg/pos lighting now on the BMW TP.
New software now includes Canada.

When NAV is not in use it displays the time of day in the ETA area.

When NAV is in use it dispalys the estimated time of arrival in the same area like it did with the old software.

TxnBluDvl writes from Houston:
My CD's just came in. They come in an entirely different packaging than the v1.0 CD's, and have a tape seal with v2.0 on the outside.

Just got back from a quick drive using the new software. Interesting features:

1) Time of day shown underneath the compass when not in nav mode
2) Voice commands are expanded. For instance, in nav mode, when merging onto the freeway, the instruction now says "Now turn right onto U.S. 101 North" instead of the previous "Now turn right."
3) Illumination is now switched on the BMW TP like it is on the HK TP
4) There is a function in the radio button that allows you see the full text being sent over the radio
5) POI is greatly expanded, and includes things like train stops (i.e., Caltrain and Amtrak)
6) The nav menu will let you change the time off of the GPS time in both thirty minute increments (like before) but also in one minute increments if you feel that it's off. I can't seem to find a way to get it back to track GPS time if you do. There's no reset button from what I can tell.
7) I've been using TP's for over a year now and the new software feels more responsive when I go off route and also when calculating POI's. Anyone else feel the same way?

Software installation resulted in a radio software update and required a recalibration.

There's a note that you'll lose all of your destination memory and last destinations due to an incompatibility with the new and old software. That turns out to be true.

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