What is Traffic Pro?
Traffic Pro is a talking GPS, a Radio, a CD Player capable of playing other accessories (like iPods and cell phones, Phatboxes and satellite radio) in a an automobile through it's Aux In.
Traffic Pro units without any specific car maker's electronics (models 4773, 7880, 7881) were produced and sold in the US. Traffic Pros were also specifically made for specific car marques and work with that car's proprietary features as well as accessories and also match the interior lighting scheme of that marque (although it will not dim with the dash lights). For instance, the BMW US
Traffic Pro sounds better and looks better than the BMW stock head unit- and it also navigates and has Aux-In, allowing the use of accessories. A BMW Traffic Pro also works with BMW electronics (e.g. BMW I-BUS cd changer, diversity antenna, steering wheel volume controls) as a stock part . A small quantity of BMW Traffic Pros were produced for the US (model 4771) but were never officially sold, unlike Porsche and Ferrari and the models listed on the front Users' Page. BMW US Traffic Pro units work in all US cars to some degree- but without the BMW-specific features unless it is in a BMW. BMW Traffic Pros are sold for the European market, but some European units wont read US maps and the ones that do wont have AM radio.

Crutchfield no longer sells the Traffic Pro, but here is an archive of their 4773 information and extensive product review.
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