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Press Releases

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November 10, 2003


NEWINGTON, Conn. – Maj. Gen. William A. Cugno, the Adjutant General of the Connecticut National Guard announces that approximately 140 soldiers from the 118TH Medical Battalion (Area Support) of Newington are alerted for mobilization in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”
     A total of 350 members of the 118th Medical Battalion (Area Support) have received mobilization orders that will place them on active duty for a period not to exceed 545 days or 18 months as part of the Presidential Select Reserve Call-up (PSRC), under Title 10 United States Code 12302, partial mobilization.
“Although the deployment is scheduled for 18 months, the active duty period could be less based on operational requirements,” said Maj. John Whitford, Public Affairs Officer of the Connecticut National Guard.
     A total of 350 soldiers are coming from the 118th Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company (HSC) from Connecticut with subordinate units in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Ohio.
The breakdown is as follows:

118th HSC, Connecticut Army National Guard – 140
Company A, 118th, Massachusetts Army National Guard – 70
Company B, 118th, Wisconsin Army National Guard – 70
Company C, 118th, Ohio Army National Guard – 70

"The Connecticut National Guard has been very active in the Global War on Terror. The 118th Medical Battalion are extremely well trained and have a high level of competency and experience," said Maj. Gen. William A. Cugno, Connecticut's adjutant general and commander of the Connecticut National Guard."
     The 118th Medical Battalion originally formed in 1922 as the 118th Medical Regiment and was assigned to the 43d Division. The unit was federally recognized in 1923 and stationed in New Haven. Since then the unit had reorganized and redesignated several time and was later reorganized and redesignated in March 1996 as Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company, 118th Medical Battalion in Connecticut which later moved from New Haven to Newington. (Companies A, B, C are allotted to the Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and the Ohio Army National Guard.)
     The unit participated and received battle streamers during World War II at Guadalcanal, New Guinea, North Solomons and Luzon. The unit also received the Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), for their work in the Pacific Theater and the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation.
     Company B from Wisconsin and Company C from Ohio also participated and received battle streamers in World War II at Papua, Leyte and Bougainville respectively.
     Approximately 500 soldiers from the Connecticut Army National Guard are stationed in Iraq and Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with an additional 130 soldiers and airmen from the Connecticut National Guard stationed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
     The 118th Medical Battalion provides non-surgical medical care and area medical evacuation. The unit is comprised of doctors, nurses, medics, support personnel and specialized medical assets.
With the current mobilization, the Connecticut National Guard has more than
     1, 160 soldiers and airmen mobilized and deployed.

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