Bear Mountain Meet Mapping


updates as we go....please check back
Update May 3-If we have to move we will put a note on the back of the pay phones by the office at Tiorati Circle Office.
We also may possibly end up at the Warwick Drive-In later.
The water at Tiorati is potable but brown...bleh!
You can bring your own grill if you like.
Click here for weather forecast- we will not go in rain!

Dan "Hallatauer" and I checked out Bear Mountain for a meet- OK, OK, it was just an excuse to get out and drive. He drove his new Z4, and I my trusty 6 year old Z3.

There's a neat 5.7 MG movie of our trip, with some video clips ... including Dan stalling out in my car- that's what happens when you get too used to SMG! ;)
Click here to download the quicktime video.
(If you can't see quicktime, download the plug-in here.)
To check out the pics from our mapping meet, click here.

So we're planning the meet for Sunday May 16th because that is the only day Dan can do it before August.
Meet point is the Tiorati Beach Parking Lot, 10am.
Please reply to this thread on if you are interested in attending the next meet.
Other replies here please.

    Checklist for the meet, we recommend you bring:
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Blanket to sit on
  • Food- nothing much nearby, although we did find a divey deli
  • GAS- fill up before you get close
  • We need some people to get there early to grab parking spaces, other people can watch their cars as they go hiking :)
  • Talkabout channel 2,0
  • More info coming

checked out Bear Mountain since May 2, 2004

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