Small Size Z3 Fixit Day 2006 Video:

(click the stop or pause key here to stop the video from loading!)
52 mg file (for high speed access, DSL and cable users)- best view at double size
Troubleshooting the video:
Do you see something like this? (screenshot thanks to theBaba)

If you do, you'll have to download the real appropriate video here:
20 mg file file name: 280VBR60from320CD.rm (dialup)

Then play it with Real Player on your hard drive. If you need Real Player you can download it here for free (annoying registration required).
Look for the light blue button that says "Real Player- Free".
Register, Download and Install it and then play the video you downloaded.

Dialup Users: it will take a while, like maybe half an hour to start.

The video is 19 minutes. I hope you enjoy it!
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