Z3 FixitDay 2006-Days Inn

Well actually, the Day's Inn stunk.It was across the street and cheap and there was lots of space for our cars and an on site bar/restaurant and free wireless Internet in the rooms- but the beds were scary, the carpet was more like fuzz painted on concrete, I wasn't going to try the shower even with flipflops and worst of all, they screwed up on the parking- twice. Despite a month of effort and planning, they let a decorated pick up truck park in with us.
I got stuck in NYC waiting for UPS delivery of parts until rush hour,and everyone except Jon T was already asleep when I arrived.
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Fixit 06 - 001
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Fixit 06 - 016
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One of the vendors ( won't say who) thought it would be funny to check out the Fixers at the hotel the night before, they were going to mess with Emmy. I'm glad I stashed us so far in the back of the hotel that they couldn't find us. :) The next morning though, the rest of the Fixers had no problem finding the group.
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I am sure no one expected us to be early at Daniels- least of all me. I thought we were late so I rushed right over- but it was just my watch being set fast!
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