Daniels BMW

Jon Trudel's pic--092
I can't take credit for the weather- but it was grand. Mr & Mrs ///MZoom enjoy a little curb time.
Jon Trudel's pic--093
A bunch of Fixers sitting in the sun shine on the curb with cars and friends.
Rachel's pic-2750
Rachel's pic-2766
Rachel's pic-2749
Jon Trudel's pic--064
The Vendors' trucks all lined up
Fixit 06 - 079
Dave Todd's pic- 079
Rachel's pic-2753
Like a café in a trendy part of town
Jon Trudel's pic--125
Even with the plasma TV, foot massagers, free Internet Wireless- we still all sat outside- with the cars, in the sunshine
Fixit 06 - 073
Dave Todd's pic- 073
candle lit bathrooms with infared sensors on the faucets, toilets, even the towel dispenser
Jon Trudel's pic--073
a bathroom like this makes you feel like the star of the show
Fixit 06 - 119
Dave Todd's pic- 119
heck of a buffet!
Jon Trudel's pic--055
This parts machine is a trip and a half. A mechanic can log in with their name and password, request a part and it will be delivered on a rotating shelf.
Fixit 06 - 110
Dave Todd's pic- 110
When your part arrives a series of lights are lit to show where on the shelf is the bin with your part. Sensors detect when the part is removed and logs the part to the mechanic. When the mechanic returns the part it is automatically logged back in.
Jon Trudel's pic--057
Jon Trudel's pic--056
Fixit 06 - 111
Dave Todd's pic- 111
An alarm sounds when the barrier is invaded without the proper log in.
Rachel's pic-2767
Jon T satisfies a need for a few models
Rachel's pic-2768
///MZoom shopping at the Parts Bistro
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