Fixit2006-Jamie & Robert 5°

Without measuring, I think Robert and Jamie had the longest drive from Massachusettes, but it could also be Dave T from Maryland. Jamie took lots of pictures on the film cameras for us-THANK YOU- and they both won prizes at the raffle. Robert won one of the best prizes and kept saying "I can't believe I won, I never win anything!"
Fixit 06 - 182
Dave Todd's pic -182
Jon Trudel's pic-112
Rachel's Pic - 2780
Fixit 06 - 195
Dave Todd's pic -195
Fixit 06 - 196
Dave Todd's pic -196
Jon Trudel's pic-117
Fixit 06 - 084
Dave Todd's pic -084
Fixit 06 - 070
Dave Todd's pic -070
Fixit 06 - 070 copy
Dave Todd's pic -070 copy
Jon Trudel's pic-049
Jon Trudel's pic-059
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