Fixit2006-John & Gerrie

John and Gerrie were the stars of the show, and not just because Gerrie got a whole new CAR at Fixit Day. John cracks me up. Here they are getting Xpel on their Z3 lights (hey we shoulda done the new car too!). Laszlo does a terrific job protecting headlights and foglights from expensive time-consuming repairs- if your lights break Xpel pays for the repair. Laszlo can also protect your paint and leave NO seam line because he can custom cut the entire hood. More information on the xtremecarbra web site. Thanks for coming out for us again Laszlo!
Laszlo Keszthelyi
Xtreme Vehicle Coatings Inc.
Office: 888-395-1978
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Fixit 06 - 107
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Fixit 06 - 108
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Fixit 06 - 109 copy
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PDRM2797 download little quicktime video
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Rachel's Pic - 2797
Had a great time with super folks. Thanks for allowing us to join you for the day. John & Gerrie
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