Rachel- Just wanted to get off a quick E-mail to say thanks soooooo much for all your time and hard work putting Fixit-Day together for everyone. It's obvious that everybody had a great time & that lots of work and good deeds got accomplished at the same time. And you certainly did a phenomenal job of ordering up sunny weather! After driving all the way home-I didn't hear the infamous rattle.... so I really think it's gone !!! It's actually a little hard to believe......but if it's gone for good--you and Rudy are my new best friends ! Hard to believe that after five years of annoyance-it was something as small as an e-brake adjustment! I had a great time yesterday,and it was fun getting to meet you in person. Thanks again for all you did to make the event a reality and keep me on your list for any future gatherings! Have a wonderful summer & keep the top down! Take care------------- Mitzi PS- The watch was an extra's beautiful !
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