Thank you "Ponytail Jon"!
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Zack writes:
It was my first Fix-It Day and I enjoied every minute of it. Weather was nice, excellent organization on part of Rachel, great group of people, good looking cars, food and couldn't ask for anything more.   Daniels personnel were professional and helpful. I had some dings on the door fixed and it came out perfect. I'm already looking forward to join the group again. Even if my car needs nothing, I'll find something, just to go back. :) Thank you Rachel for bringing me coffee while I was busy with the sale rep. Next time, insted of this picture, I''ll get you real chocolates. :)   Best regards to everybody and Happy Memorial Day.
Zack-   1999 Imola Red M roadster with passenger door like new,
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Tony P gets in on the dent removal action
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