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Short description:
Plan to meet for drives with Z3 Roadsters
This list is *unmoderated*. Which means,
once you are approved on this list, your emails will go straight to the members-
for fast delivery of information.
Approval is just to weed out trolls- sorry about that.
Aside from the detailed listed rules
there is one basic rule for this list:
Everyone is welcome as long as they do not put anyone else down.

*Please use specific subject lines so that people can ignore emails that do not apply to them.*

Like- if you are posting about a drive in Georgia- Put "Georgia Drive" in the subject line,
preferably with a date too so that ANYONE who will be in the area can attend the event-
and so that anyone with no chance of attending can delete the email without reading it.

Good Subject lines:

Georgia Run 10/18
NY Run 23Sep
Boxster/Z3 Run So Cal Oct 7
Need hotel in San Diego Dec 23
Video of Z3 Run- Dragon Aug30
Jan 15 -stranded in France- Drinks NE1?

This way we can have a universal timely list.
Try to keep personal yakking to a minimum- or we'll lose people who are reading emails at work.
OK, I think that is all for now... WELCOME and let's RIDE!

since September 5, 2000
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