Fixit 06 - 115
Dave Todd's's pic- 115
We checked under Emmy looking for cracks- and found none! :)
Jon Trudel's pic--061
This could be Emmy, but it might be Jon T's car, Saffy
Jon Trudel's pic--060
Well our cars are very similar
Fixit 06 - 097
Dave Todd's's pic- 097
fixin' a loose bit of rag top- funny how much of this car is held together with glue!
Fixit 06 - 121
Dave Todd's's pic- 121
Jon Trudel's pic--080
Jon Trudel's pic--081
Jon Trudel's pic--076
Replacing the Dinan Cold Air Intake filter- and it is Jon T's car.
Jon Trudel's pic--075
Jon Trudel's pic--062
Jon Trudel's pic--079
we both added the "sock" on the Cold Air Intake- but it didn't stop the rain from wrecking Mick's car :( Maybe it did help, and that's why he only has bent valve, and not a totaled engine?
Rachel's pic-2758
Jon Trudel's pic--070
Jon Trudel's pic--071
Rachel's pic-2755
Rachel's pic-2756
Jon Trudel's pic--095
replace the thermostat housing and water pump impeller
Harvster writes: If you have not already done so, replace the water pump with an all metal impeller pump and replace the thermostat. Some or most 3 series cars came with a plastic impeller pump that can break loose from the shaft and cause overheating. My 99 2.3 turned out to have a metal impeller pump but when I replaced it after 6 yrs, it was slightly leaking fluid out of the weep hole. The water pump and thermostat replacement is a cheap and easy DIY job if you have any experience and tools. Change the sperpentine belts while you are at it.
Fixit 06 - 144
Dave Todd's's pic- 144
Fixit 06 - 145
Dave Todd's's pic- 145
Fixit 06 - 146
Dave Todd's's pic- 146
Fixit 06 - 148
Dave Todd's's pic- 148
Fixit 06 - 150
Dave Todd's's pic- 150
Fixit 06 - 151
Dave Todd's's pic- 151
Fixit 06 - 152
Dave Todd's's pic- 152
Yes, I do carry a whip at Fixit Day. :)
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